Tips for creating a supply collection for repurposing old and unwanted jewelry

I have really been slacking with my blog posting. Having a puppy doesn’t allow for much down time to write posts! Since I haven’t been able to start any projects, I figured I’d share some tips on what to look for when I am shopping for your supplies to repurpose used and unwanted jewelry. 

1. Follow your eyes. If you are drawn to something, it’s likely that you are already inspired by it. 


When I saw these two flower brooches I was instantly inspired by their colors. Lately I’ve been wanting to create pieces that are more delicate looking. A bit more vintage flower garden like. I knew that both of these pieces fit quite well into this category and that I had to have them in my collection of supplies.

2. Always look for easy ways to connect one piece with another. This is called cold connection. 


If you look at most of these pieces you can see a closed hole that would allow for a jump ring connection or to easily feed chain through the piece. These are two simple ways of connecting one piece of jewelry to another. I will be sure to demonstrate “cold connection” in upcoming projects. 

3. Sometimes you will find pieces that you are extremely drawn to but don’t have any cold connection options. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to your supply collection. If it inspires you and is the right price, don’t leave it behind because it’s likely that you will regret it. 


I fell in love with the doll face and antler brooches. I knew that there was no easy and obvious way of cold connection as there were no visible closed holes on these pieces. However, I knew that if I left them behind, I would likely come up with another cold connection option and no piece to try it with. Never leave an inspiring piece behind, regardless of it’s options! There are always other ways of connection (sewing, creating new closed holes, epoxy) to make them into new pieces!

4. Always, Always, ALWAYS keep enough chain in your supply collection. You can never have enough chain because it is always the most utilized item when creating new pieces. You should keep a full supply of both gold and silver chain. 


You want to make sure your chain supplies are updated frequently. Always be sure to have enough of both silver and gold chain as well as multiple sizes of chain for each collection. You never know what you are going to need. Currently I don’t have enough thin and delicate chain in either silver or gold, which does not help my craving to create dainty jewelry. I guess I need to do some shopping!

5. Make sure you are purchasing charms of all sizes. 


Every person has different jewelry interests. Some people are drawn to delicate, simple jewelry, some like statement jewelry that is made of larger pieces, and some like the in-between. So keeping large, medium and small charms/brooches on hand is smart when creating pieces to sell. 

6. My final tip is to also always have beads and pearls in your collection as well. They always come in handy!!


Everyone loves pearls! I’ve made many statement pieces entirely out of old pearl strands and they always seem to be very popular. So keeping beads and pearls on hand is definitely a tip to keep in mind. 

Happy thrifting!


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